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Post by Guest on Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:46 pm

So I think we need to focus on recruitment a bit more. I've been doing it between quests and such, and I don't know about others.

Generally I would think people would be proud to be in a Level 3 faction. I think part of the problem is while we have a few high levels, there's no other high levels around to help people when others aren't. Trust me, I'm grinding my gears trying to raise my level as soon as I can, in 1 week (playing most of the day on Saturday, most of the day on Sunday, and usually 6-7 hours on weekdays after work) I've reached level 29, and will be 30 tonight.

GSC. I'm not a huge fan of it, for 3 reasons. The first being Sweet's sound problem. We don't know IF it will happen to other users, but I know it annoys me when she suddenly is no longer able to hear, and it would be deadly in TW. The second being I've recently been having it crash on me (completely closing), and when I can get in, my voice settings are always reset. Dunno why, I looked on forums to no resolution. Third being that noone is ever in there. I log in from time to time to check, and when noone is there, I just log off. Given that I'm always listening to radio or watching TV while I'm playing, it's not a big deal for me, but for some hardcore players it would be an issue.

We don't have a lot of "face-time" for players. We need to just throw an event on the weekends in one of the starter cities, just to show our faces, and get our names out there. As for forcing people to register on forums, I think it's best to avoid that, but rather make events with "player caps" where they have to sign up on the forums to participate, and if they do not, they cannot come or something (unless there are slots not taken on forums at time of event launch). That would force them to visit the forums, and see news updates and etc.

Having said all of this, I'm also tossing the following URL out there for anyone who wants it, it's my personal shoutcast stream, and you're all able to tune in (up to 64 users right now, but I have no probably turning off my xbox to pump it up to a higher max), and just shoot me a shout in GSC, or in PW for a request.

Alright, that's all I got for now, please feel free to post comments, etc, and I'll try to get back to you.

Ori_ ; Barbarian ; Lvl 29
_Ori_ ; Assassin ; Lvl 22

I'll also add that after research, I found out why GSC wouldn't overlay for me, it's because while GSC will work on Windows 7, it will not work with ANY 64-bit OS. That means, if you're running 64-bit OS, you don't get the overlays of who is talking and stuff.

For me it's fine, cause I have 2 monitors. Smile

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Re: Recruitment

Post by LtStrike on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:12 am

Yea, I agree with everything you say. (Although I aven't got the chance to use GSC, I will when I get back home ^^)
I also think that inactive members should be removed from the faction. With this I mean those that haven't been online for a certain period of time without a reason.

Just thought I'd throw it in here ^^

Can't wait to get back home! (Although I have a job to do in August >.<, but it's worth the money xD)

Cheers my friends! (Btw, Temp's a girl? Very Happy)


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