PWI Goldmane Lion!

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PWI Goldmane Lion!

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:31 pm

Taken from: PWI Website

The Goldmane Lion Lord will be available starting at 1:00AM server time on July 7th, 2010!

Exciting news for mount-riders, collectors, and merchants:

The ultra-rare Goldmane Lion Lord is now available at the PW Boutique--but there's a catch: The noble feline will only be available in limited quantities. Starting at 1:00AM server time, only five hundred (500) Goldmane Lion Lords will be available for purchase, and the moment the 500th unit is bought, it will be removed from the Boutique indefinitely.

Original Speed: 9.0 m/sec

Speed at Mount level 10: 10.0 m/sec

Speed at Mount level 10 w/Galewind Spurs: 11.0 m/sec

Character Level Req w/Galewind Spurs: Level 20

So, all heavy PWI merchants and lion-lovers take note: Don't get left out in the cold, clutching an inferior mount-- grab your Goldmane while you can!

Note: Due to system limitations, once the 500 Goldmane Lion Lords have been sold, they will be removed from the East Coast servers' Boutiques and the server time will be noted. Three hours later, when that server time is reached on the West Coast servers, the Goldmane Lion Lord will then be removed from their respective Boutiques as well. So basically, the West Coast servers will have an extra three hours to purchase the Goldmane.

Good luck and we'll see you in-game!

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